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Event Medalls Collector
Event Medalls Collector   The Kings of Aden, have met and have agreed to make a massive event, with the aim of helping the knights who walk along the good path, which consists in that each of the inhabitants will be able to get different rewards based on medals obtained in the different battles throughout their lives. To be able to participate in this event, you only need to have the courage and courage to be a knight who participates in any act to make Shilien's forces disappear. Go where the person in charge of designating the people who want to participate is "Winnie The Cat" in the different cities and towns within aden. He will explain that to participate you must play a nice game with him, which consists of him tossing a coin in the air and you must guess which side of it falls ... if Head or Tail (as well as heads or tails), yes guess the side he will raise you participant level. Level? Yes, level ... according to your level you can later choose to change different ranges of rewards. EYE to participate in the game with Winnie The Cat you must carry the amount of Glittering Medals that you are asking for, that the higher the level you choose, the greater the amount that will be requested. The person in charge of rewarding you and changing your "Roy The Cat" medals will give you many possibilities, which will increase as your level of participant increases. Remember to ask him about the prizes you choose in each category. Event Start: 04/19/2021 12: 00hs End event: 04/26/2021 12: 00hs  
19 April, 2021