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Lineage 2 Epsilon Interlude.


Files: L2OFF PTS AdvExt GFIL
Security: SmartGuard 3.1
Proxys: Europa - North America - South America
Connection: 1 Gbps Symmetrical
Server: Xeon X5670 x 2 / 64 Gb Memoria Ram / 2 SSD de 1 TB en Raid 0


Exp/SP: x7
Adena: x5
Item Drop: x5
Spoil Drop: x3
Drop SealStone: x3
Quest Chance: x2
Quest Reward: x1

Other information

Main Class
NPC Buffer: No
Olympics: Monthly
7 Signs: ( Contribution week + validation week )
Buff: retail (duration 20 min, maximum quantity 20 + 4)
Danzas: Retail ( 2 Minutes duration )
MultiBox: Up to 3 clients per PC
All NewbieHelper buffs extend to level 25

Vip Player

Exp: +25%
SP: +25%
Adena: +25%
Autopickup: ON


Duration: 12 Hours

Hestui Totem: The spirit of Hestui accompanies you and receives 10% more EXP and SP.

Racoy's Totem: The spirit of Racoy's accompanies you and you receive 10% more from Adena.

Maraku Totem: The spirit of Maraku accompanies you and you receive 10% more drop from Spoil.


Event Gate: yes
Christmas: yes
FireWorks: yes
Heart: yes
L2Day: yes
Event Medals: yes
Omegas Revenge: yes
Trick or Transmutation Medal: yes
Zaken Curse: yes
Others: Events organized by the staff